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A blog here, a blog there, a blog everywhere! So many blogs out there, which ones to read and which ones to skip? In today’s world where the blogging industry is booming, there is an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. As a reader, how do you decide which ones are worth your precious time? Well, I would say it depends on what you are looking to get from the reading. I am passionate about traveling and enjoy reading anything related to it. But I am still picky about it because unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to commit to reading and secondly, I may feel that I have not learned anything new from the previous reads. Having said that, here are my current favorite blogs that I enjoy:

Nomadic Matt:

I consider him the guru of travel blogging. I love reading his blogs hoping someday I can be as good as him as well as use it as a tool when preparing for an upcoming trip.

The Sunny side of this:

Her story is so freaking cute! From Mexico-Europe, she shares her stories with her family as she travels around Europe.

Around the world in Katy days:

She is very organized while planning her trips and shares how she does it. Me on the other hand, “I have a flight in 3 hours, I should start packing.” I would highly recommend checking her blog if you are trying to travel and have no clue where to start from!



Tanya Burr:

A big name in the youtube world with a focus on beauty. However, she does blog/vlog about her travels too. Tanya’s style is very genuine and relatable, her pictures are fun and colorful and her outfits are cute. Overall, travel and happiness. Take a look yourself!

Sher She Goes:

My favorite section about her blog is the “Life in NYC’ section. As much as I love to travel, I don’t think I can do it full time or don’t plan to do it at the moment. She reminds you how you can be a tourist in your own backyard.

Andrea’s Travels:

Her photos take you around beautiful Europe and show you the colorful side.

Journey Wonders:

Another experienced blogger. His travel tips section is very helpful and informative.


So there you have it, my current favorite reads. Do you have any? Share them with me! I would love to check them out.


“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”



  1. Im gonna check them out:)
    And I love your pictures in this post!!

  2. Great compilation of all the good bloggers, loved checking them out as well. Do check out mine, fingers crossed, who know maybe you like mine as well, although I am very very New to blogging scene

  3. Hi, great tips for further exploration πŸ™‚ I only knew few of them πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. I am loving your choices πŸ™‚ really different and good.

  5. Interesting compilation – some of the blog names are quirky enough to look up! Thanks much for sharing!

    1. My pleasure, what are some of your favorites?

      1. Hey, thanks for asking! Top of the mind, right now, these are my picks:

        1. Nolu –
        2. Clinton Moodley –
        3. Swati Sinha –
        4. Abhi Surendran –

        Happy reading!

  6. Really nice list!!! I took me a while, but I checked all of them πŸ™‚ I’ll have a look at some other posts too! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, I truly enjoy these blogs and try to learn. Glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  7. Wow! An amazing post πŸ™‚ Thnk you for your sharing πŸ™‚

    1. I am glad to hear that Mirela πŸ™‚

  8. I love Nomadic Matt as well

  9. I love Nomadic Matt as well..he inspires me..must read some of the others ..thanks

    1. My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Really nice information πŸ™‚ I am glad that I get to visit website today πŸ™‚ time to sleep will be coming back very soon for more reads :)) God Bless .. cheers !!

    1. Glad you found it helpful Kunal, do stop by!

  11. Super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to curate this list, I can’t wait to dig in!

  12. will go through these blogs definitely

  13. Thanks for the list! I will check them out.

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