My Travel Must Haves

Happy Friday all! Who’s planning another trip soon? I know I am. And as I prep for my next trip, I have to answer the most dreaded question, what all do I need to pack with me?! Unfortunately, I can’t pack my entire life with me (even though I have tried), but at the same time there are a lot of essentials that I do not want to travel without. After traveling thousands of miles, I have condensed the list. Here are some of my travel must haves and my recommendations:



Now I know this is an obvious one, however, let me tell you from my personal experience why you need a good piece of luggage. I have been on the hunt for a good, reliable suitcase for a long time and my search ended when I came across this Samsonite. You guys, it is worth every penny! I was fed up of my old suit cases either breaking or the wheels rolling away in this world all alone. I have had mine for a few years now and it has traveled with me on all my trips and is still intact!


2.Packing Cubes:

There used to be a time when I “needed” 15 pairs of jeans, 35 tops, 26 pairs of shoes, and 299 different shades of lipsticks, a girl has got to have options, right? Apparently, the airlines don’t get that and wanted to charge me a lot of money, crazy! Anyways, these packing cubes have changed my life. They help cut down what I pack and only take what is necessary, and they keep everything organized in my luggage. I tend to use the larger ones for my clothes, and then the other for toiletries, makeup, undergarments, etc.



Another way to stay organized, especially if you travel with expensive equipment like cameras and laptops, is this backpack. There are many different compartments, there is a spot for everything. And to top it off, this bag all weather bag is waterproof and great for outdoors!


4.Portable battery:

Another must have for my trip and everyday life. My phone is always running out of battery, and its not always possible to find a charging spot especially if I am out and about. This charger is one of the smallest and lightest out there, almost the size of your credit card and provides at least 3 charges for your iPhone.

5.Insulated Water Bottle:

This one keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Personally not a huge of buying plastic bottles of water, just trying to do my little part in helping the environment.



I was recommended this tripod by a dear friend who is also a photographer. The flexible stand can be wrapped around many objects in your surroundings. Set the timer on your camera and just pose for the perfect selfie!



These ones are my favorites! They cancel the noise during my flight which helps me fall asleep and the sound quality is just amazing! Ah, music to my ears.


8.Beach Towel:

I love how lightweight this towel is! No more bulky beach towels taking up half a suitcase. This one dries up fast and can double up as a mat. It also comes in a different colors!



A good neck pillow is a must have especially on a long flight or drive. A good nights sleep is extremely crucial to my existence, and the last thing I want is a stiff neck or soaring back pain.


10.Espresso Maker:

Alright, this is a random gadget I came across but it was too cool not to mention. I love the idea of being able to bring your own favorite coffee wherever you go or explore the local stores to buy some fresh coffee and make it right there! Whether you are at your hotel balcony or hiking, you can have a fresh cup at any time.


11.Pocket Knife:

You never know when you might need it. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to find a pair or scissors in a hotel room! I carry this knife at all times with me for its functionality and personal safety.


12.Skin care:

I am a fan of this Origins pack, it has all my skin care favorites in a travel friendly size. I usually keep this in my carry on bag so its handy for my flight and as soon as I get to my destination. If you are looking for a more high- end product, the SK-II skin masks will do the trick!


13.Reading Material:

A good book is a life saver and stays in my carry on! My current read is called Hana’s Journey to Love by Azor J. Racine. It is about a girl who runs away from her house after the guy she was in love with falls for her best friend. Check it out and let me know if you have read it.


14.Pocket Book:

I like to keep a little note book on me at all times for many reasons. I usually have my itinerary written down, information such as hotel addresses and any important phone numbers I will need during my trip. I also like to keep a notebook handy so I can jot down any new blog ideas that come to my mind or anything that stands out. This is very helpful to remember things once I am back from my trip.

15.Luggage Scale:

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport, all ready for your flight and then the check in agent tells you “your bag is 15 lbs over the limit, you have to pay XX”. Like what am I supposed to do? I am not throwing away the items from my luggage to reduce the weight and I don’t really want to pay any more than I already have. I learned my lesson and bought this little luggage scale. This helps me make sure I don’t pack over the limit and takes up very little space.


There you have it, my 15 must haves/recommendations. What do you guys think? Are you someone who likes to travel minimalist? Or do you need everything in your closet with you? I would love to hear some of your favorites and must haves.


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  1. I am also a firm believer in packing cubes and a notebook!! Also one of my fun but favorite items to bring is a bottle opener but I guess the right pocket knife would do that as well!!

  2. I love packing cubes too. I thought they were annoying to begin with but now I couldn’t pack without them! I only ever take hand luggage and so I can’t pack a knife, I have to make do with nail clippers! This is a super list!

  3. Interesting how different people are. My whole life fits into my backpack but from your list I only own a tripod, headphones and reading materials. I have a sarong which serves as a towel, too if necessary. Normally, my AirBnB’s provide me with towels. I have some skin care products, too but really not much. Used to have a luggage scale but I got into the habit that I only replace something when something else is not usable anymore or empty. What I have and what’s not on your list is my yoga mat :-). Have to say that I live a traveling lifestyle and don’t have a home base.

  4. I have always wondered about buying a seat of luggage scales, I always have to gues how much souvenirs I have bought and whether it will make me overweight

  5. I really like your list, some of the stuff is unnecessary for me, for example the espresso maker (I don’t really drink coffee) but with the suitcase I’m absolutely with you! I got my favorite one a few years ago and it’s still in almost perfect condition. A good suitcase is invaluable 😉

    1. Hi Alexander, feel free to click on the photo of the backpack, it will direct you to the site. I love the backpack too, its the perfect one for traveling.

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