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Comfortable travel shoes


So you have an upcoming vacation and have spent hours on Pinterest, looking for outfit inspirations. After countless hours of labor, you have put together a list of the clothes you like but what about the shoes? Are you going to just stick to your trusty old Converse or are you looking to step up your shoe game this time?

Now there are thousands of options out there so the question is which ones to buy and which ones to skip. I think it depends on personal preference. The two most important things for me when deciding which shoes to pack are comfort and appearance and both are equally important. After spending years walking (as we all have), I have come to the conclusion that I will not sacrifice either. You will ever catch me wearing flip flops or crocs while strolling through a museum in Europe or walking on the streets of Milan or London.

Having said that, I have put together a few of my favorite brands and styles which I have tried and tested.

1. Sneakers

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? My answer is 8 pairs, actually 20+. I mean they are the most comfortable type of shoes and they come in so many different styles, the choices are endless. Adidas and Nike definitely are my favorites as far as quality, comfort and reliability are concerned. If you are more into high end brands, the Gucci ones have been all over! (psst.. Target has a Gucci inspired pair). I also like the Nike waterproof sneakers as an alternative to crocs or Hunter boots. And lastly, the slips ons are a must have in any closet, they are perfect for the airport security lines and are comfortable to walk in all day.

Shop here:  Adidas Swift Run SneakerNike Air Max Thea Premium Sneaker, Halogen Teagen Sneaker ,Gucci Sneaker , Nike Waterproof Sneaker

Other options:Target sneaker

2. Oxfords 

Now these have got to be my favorite style of shoes. They go with everything, well almost everything in my closet. I think every woman should own atleast one pair of oxford, wear them with your favorite jeans, leggings or your work attire. These Jeffrey Campbells are to die for! Slip them on with a plain tee shirt and your favorite skinny jeans and let these babies do the talking. And the Givenchy pair will polish any outfit, I would style them with my work wear or even for a dinner while in Rome.

Shop here: Sarto By Franco Sarto Autumn Oxford, Women’s Jeffrey Campbell Loafer , Givenchy Slip-On Derby

Other options: Target Oxford shoe

3. Mules

Okay, I have to admit I wasn’t very fond of them when I started seeing them back in style. But they did grow on me, thanks to this Gucci pair and all the fashion instagrammers out there. This is another style of shoes I would wear to the airport, so easy to slip on and off through security lines and they spice up your airport outfits too! I am a fan of the red chunky heels as they are comfortable to walk around for extended periods.

Shop here: Embellished Open Toe Mule, Gucci Mule Loafer ,Debrah Block Heel Mule

Other options: Target Mules

4. Boots/booties

A no-brainer especially for cooler climates. If you are looking to blend in with a Parisian or Londoner, leave the sneakers at home and invest in a pair of boots or booties.  Giucci has just been killing it with their designs, I mean look at them, aren’t they just beautiful? I also like the pearl detail on the heels of the Jeffrey Campbells, nice touch to a classic black boot.

Shop here:Gucci Bootie ,Jeffrey Campbell Bootie

Other options: Target Booties

5. Heels

Every girl has to own a pair of heels, I say a pair of comfortable heels. As much as I love the looks of Louboutins, I don’t think I could last for more than 2 mins and 58 seconds in them. I have owned the Michael Kors chunky heels for a while now, and wore them for a night out in Paris and have to say I love them! I did quite a bit of walking in them, while chasing my Uber ride and my feet did not cry in pain. Phew!

Shop here: Michael Kors Pump

6. Ballet flats

Last but not least, ballet flats. I am pretty sure  a majority of females own a pair or have owned one in their lifetime. It is a staple in every wardrobe, and there are thousands of different versions available. My most recent purchase are the Topshop ones, very affordable and trendy.

Shop here:Topshop Studded Flat

These are some of my favorites. I am a shoeholic and not afraid to admit it, however, a good pair of shoes that is stylish and is comfortable are deal breakers. I just don’t want to put my feet through suffering especially when I travel and walk long distances. Ladies what are some of your favorites? Do you have a favorite pair that travels everywhere with you or do you like to change things up for each of your trip?

Gentlemen, unfortunately I have zero experience with men’s shoes. In order to avoid giving false information, I did not include any options. I hope you understand…Feel free to share this post with any females you may know.





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  1. Hihihi! I like this post, I am a sneaker type of girl and definitely love addidas, nike and vans. I think I can’t go on trips without having one. Hahahah.. I noted that Target have beautiful styles, will check them out 🙂

  2. Got fascinated by seeing extensive range of shoes. And mentioning all in style. Enjoyed greatly.

  3. That’s an extensive list of shoe suggestions. I’m terrible- I fall into the Converse category when travelling but wished I stepped up my shoe game to boots or something like that.

  4. I did not have any idea there was so much to tell about shoes! 🙂 But very interesting post though, I learned a lot!!

  5. I have been looking for different types of shoes recently so this is definitely helpful! Thank you for putting together this post!

  6. I love ballet flats. My fave are from Tory Burch. I love your taste in shoes 🙂

  7. Good post ! So many choices . My daughter has a big collection of shoes .

  8. Like most women, I happen to LOVE shoes! And of course, I have more shoes than I’ll ever wear. And I’m with you on ballet flats. I have a pair that fold up that I keep in purse if I have to wear heels anywhere because my feet often hurt since I’m a flip flop girl anyway! Purses and shoes…it’s a sickness…and I’ve got it. Love your shoe choices!

  9. My favorite by far are flats! Fluffy flats at that! Now that I’m older, I’ve ditched the heels…. and definitely thrown out the expensive shoes!

  10. Very interesting! This brings me back to a book I read: Salt to the Sea. There was a shoemaker that could tell a person’s story by their shoes. I love the information about all the different options of shoes.

  11. I am definitely a comfortable shoe kind of person.. I actually don’t even own a pair of high heels! This is a great selection of shoes to consider. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lovely post, I always look at someone’s shoes as part of their outfit. And I probably own a fair few more than I should :/ haha xxxx

  13. Great products i like Sneakers.

  14. Great choice.I must say that sneakers are my favorite

    1. Love sneakers too!

  15. I love heels but I definitely find myself wearing flats or sneakers the majority of the time. Comfort is key!


    1. I agree, comfort is so important to me!

  16. I also own tons of sneakers! They are so comfy 😄

  17. This was a fun read! I would love some advice about pairing pants with shoes. It may sound silly, but I am terrible about that. Usually I wind up wearing Sperrys or boots with my skinny jeans or leggings. Admittedly, I have these el cheapo flats from Walmart that I wear when I don’t know what else to do.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I personally need inspiration to style my outfits, and my go-to sources are Pinterest, fashion bloggers mainly on Instagram and even the apparel websites.

  18. Love the article! It’s really useful since I travel a lot and my feet hurt. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  19. Hey Maninda,

    I really need this post! I’m so terrible – I always end up in cheap flip flops and the soles of my feet are pretty gross, haha! I have traveller’s feet! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am glad you found it useful 🙂 The pain of a travelers’ feet 🙁

  20. Awesome article.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. this is really good articl to shar thnx for that

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. You own way more shoes than I do 🙂 My daughter has a major shoe collection.

    1. A girl has to gotta have options right? Ha!

  23. I am all about the flats! So gorgeous ❤️

  24. Ballet flats are my favorite shoes, I have to say! The ones I see here are so amazing I can’t!!!

    1. Seems like flats and sneakers are a crowd favorite here! I love how we all prioritize comfort.

  25. Really good suggestions! I love wearing boots and I always find the best ones at Target! I’m glad you mentioned them!

    1. Target has some great shoes! I am a big fan of some of their collaborations.

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