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Frontier Airlines

If you are in the U.S., I am pretty sure you would have heard of Frontier Airlines. They are known for their extremely low fare flights. Now, I know there are a few other low fare airlines out there such as Spirit Airlines, however, lot of people shy away from them because of their poor online reviews. I decided to give Frontier Airlines a chance, because well the deal was too good to pass! So here is my honest review on Frontier Airlines.



As stated above, Frontier Airlines is known for their extremely low fares as low as $20 one way! This is actually not a scam, the fares are that low. if you ask how…I don’t know. I tend to fly from Washington, D.C. to Orlando several times per year and usually if I buy my plane ticket a month or so in advance, I  pay $35 one way. They fly to several routes throughout the United States and some international destinations such as Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada. Last year, I was able to snag a great deal to Cancun which was under $200 round trip! Read about my trip to Cancun here.

You do have to pay additional for baggage, food/snacks, etc., carry on baggage costs more than checked baggage and if it is best to purchase them as you book your flight, because the prices do go up after that. This did teach me to travel lighter and as far as the snacks/meals are concerned, I usually just pack some with me.



Honestly, did not expect much. After being crammed on 14 hour long flight in a middle seat, I think anything else is better than that. The seats in the Frontier planes do not recline, they are not the most spacious but certainly not the worst in my opinion. If you are someone who despises the middle seat, I would recommend paying a few extra bucks and get either the window or aisle seat.





Now this is a big one. After all. I did take a choose to fly with them even after the hundreds of negative reviews. I went back to read through some of the reviews, and I feel a lot of them were unnecessary. Let me explain…there were a lot of complaints about baggage charges and snacks being charged. In my opinion, the airline has all this information listed on their website and before you go to pay for the flight, if you skip on that part, you are going to be in for a surprise. Secondly, I don’t think it’s fair to expect snacks/meals from a $35 flight, keep in mind the actual airfare charges are under $10, majority of the costs are taxes and fees.

Having said that, I personally have not had any customer service issues. Out of the 15 times I have flown with them, my flights have been on time 95% (exception was due to bad weather), I usually just fit all my belongings in a purse, I do not pay extra for the seats and don’t mind the middle seat for a quick 2 hours flight. I have checked my bag in a couple of times and received it perfect condition on time.



I would say fly with Frontier and see for yourself. As they say, you get what you pay for, it is the same case here. For the low price I pay, I am expecting a comfortable enough seat in a clean plane that will bring me to my destination safely and in a timely manner. Another way to save is through their Den Deal program, if you are a constant traveler, the low fees pays for itself after 1 or 2 flights.  I definitely think Frontier should do something about all the negative reviews out there and work on improving their customer service. But guys don’t be afraid to give them a try, just make sure you keep some snacks on you!







Frontier Airlines review


  1. Let me add my opinion. With that very low fare, the airlines company must not get rid of one super important thing: A quality maintenance on all aircrafts..

  2. I’ve never flown on Frontier before and was a little skeptical due to horror stories from friends who have flown other LCC’s like Spirit. But after reading your review and hearing that the seats aren’t that bad, I may try them sometime. Thanks for your honest opinions!

  3. I’ve had good and bad experiences with frontier. but that’s with any airline!

  4. I have heard many things about Frontier but I think your review is fair. If someone is complaining about things the airline is upfront about then that is your fault. You can’t expect first class treatment from a discount airline.

  5. It’s refreshing to see an honest review.. there are so many sponsored posts which are also great but sometimes I feel not the most honest. It sounds like you saved some money but may have not had the most comfortable flight of your life. Thanks for the review!

  6. good, objective review. i’ve never used them, and i haven’t entertained the idea because to be honest, with such cheap prices, i wonder who does the maintenance on those planes.

  7. Thank you for your review! I will be flying a lot this Chris break, and I will be giving this a try. I just need to point a from point b!

    1. Definitely check them out!

  8. I have flown frontier before (and Spirit, Ryan Air etc) and I definitely agree that some of the online reviews can be unnecessary. I just need to get from point A to point B cheaply, and I’m not expecting blankets and meals haha (: I agree that Frontier is fine. Love your review of it!

    1. That’s what I say too! If I am not planning to spend $$ then I don’t expect much from my flight. Thanks for reading!

  9. thats a detailed review and will benefit anyone planning a flight with them. Thanks for this.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for stopping by!

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