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    About Me

    My footprints around the globe



    Welcome to the world of Maninder K ! I started this life as an Indian girl born and raised in Dubai who grew into an Indian woman in the United States. My favorite color is blue of all shades. By default, it’s safe to assume that I speak at least two languages. However, I speak a total of four languages fluently! No Rosetta Stone needed. I have been in the U.S for the past 14+ years, where majority of my time was spent in Orlando, Florida. I obtained my Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I am THE chocolate connoisseur and am proud of it. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

    Growing up in the Middle East I favored Mediterranean cuisine as well as Indian cuisine. In which there really wasn’t much to choose from. I was fortunate enough to travel back and forth to India during summers for annual adventures in Punjab. Occasionally, I graced London with my presence as well.

    As you can infer, my fascination with travel started early. How many children do you know to watch the Travel channel as opposed to Cartoon Network? Well, I was that child. At a young age, I watched the Travel channel very often. In return, my love for travel blossomed. I remember having conversations with myself as a preteen that the lucky toss up would be between piloting and traveling. Needless to say, I won’t be flying any planes any time soon. My passion from tourism has remained and strengthened.

    Moving right along… I was curious to see the rest of the world. I randomly decided to take a short, solo trip to Europe. This gave me the courage that I needed to explore further. I figured that if Christopher Columbus could do it, then so can I. I started planning more trips. Some domestic, some international. Many times, I traveled alone. Other times I felt like being generous and invited friends and family. I just wanted to travel the world. So far, I have been to fifteen countries and will continue to do so. Conquering one country at a time.

    My footprints around the globe

    Why My Footprints Around the Globe?

    Have you wished you could travel?

    Do you have a full time job and limited time-off/finances?

    Do you have an upcoming trip and are stressed out?

    Are you looking for meaningful adventures away from the scheduled tours and guidebooks?

    Well, you are in the right place! Allow me to help you have the best time of your life while traveling and do it over and over again!

    As I traveled more, friends and family kept asking me how could I travel so often? Where can they find good deals on flights? What were my recommendations for trips?

    Hence, was born My Footprints Around the Globe, I want my blog to  be a go-to resource for anyone who even dreams of travelling. After I took my first solo trip, I realized how travelling was so much more easier and achievable that I had imagined. I started taking advantage of every opportunity to travel, whether it was a long weekend or a week, domestic or international travel, or even if it meant taking a staycation, I just wanted to see more of the world. On January 1st, 2015, I set my New Year resolution to take 3 trips that year, by the end of year I had taken 7! All because I was able to figure out the tricks and tips to make it happen.

    Now, don’t be mistaken, I do have a regular full-time 9-6 job (yes till 6 pm!) just like most people, limited time off and bills to pay as most adults do , which includes rent, car payment, etc. etc…I love to travel, I love exploring new destinations, cultures, foods, now whether this happens on the weekend exploring Washington, D.C. or whether I do it via a road trip in Europe.

    My footprints around the globe

    So what can you expect from My Footprints Around the Globe?

    On my blog I take you on a journey off the beaten path, go on adventures to discover the hidden gems, I know this sounds cliche, however, when planning my trip, I usually just look for a couple of must see/touristy things to do and then chat with the locals for their best kept secrets. Typically, I do very little research beforehand and just go with the flow, which helps me experience each place in a new way and create my own unique adventure. I also share itineraries, my personal recommendations and all other resources to help you save time, money, and make your trip stress free!

    Ready for your own unique adventure?

    Subscribe to my blog to join the fam and discover a new destination. Feel free to email me  at mkaurfootprints@ gmail.com or message me on one of my social media pages, whether you need help planning a trip or just want to share your stories, I am happy to help 🙂

    My footprints around the globe

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