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    Morocco Hotels for First Time Visit

    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Morocco hotels for first time visit

    I recently took my first trip to Morocco and it was nothing less than spectacular! After traveling around the country for 8 days, I am sharing all the hotels and riads I stayed at. They are great options for anyone going to Morocco for a first time visit. Most of them are priced under $100/night and are rated 4- stars or above. Keep on reading my post on Morocco hotels for first time visit.

    Stars Hotel Marrakech

    Stars Hotel Marrakech, was the first hotel I stayed at during my trip to Morocco. We spent the first 2 nights here and then came back for the last night of the trip. The hotel is a 4-star rated hotel, however, I would give it more of a 3-stars rating. Keep on reading for my honest review on the Stars Hotel Marrakech.

    I stayed in a double queen room and it was spacious. Plenty of room for 2 gals to leave their mess around. Haha! Apart from the spacious room, I’d say the attention to detail was missing, especially in regards to the cleanliness. Personally, I am particular about a clean bathroom in a hotel room. Sadly, I found strands of hair in the shower and dirty corners of the bathroom. Another important thing for me was the wi-fi network. It was the fastest and most reliable compared to the network in all the other hotels I stayed at in Morocco.

    When it comes to convenience, the hotel truly shines. Not only does it offer comfortable accommodations, but it is also situated in a prime location surrounded by an array of dining options, charming cafes, and enticing stores for all your shopping needs. Whether you’re craving some local cuisine, international flavors, or simply need a quick snack, you’ll find a wide selection of restaurants and eateries near the hotel. From trendy bistros to cozy family-owned establishments, there is something to satisfy every palate.

    Furthermore, if you’re in need of cash or want to grab a quick bite from a well-known fast-food chain, you’ll be delighted to know that there are conveniently located ATMs as well as popular eateries like McDonald’s and Starbucks within a mere 5 minutes’ walking distance from the hotel. This means that you can easily access all the necessities and some familiar comforts right at your doorstep.

    For those seeking a taste of the local culture, the hotel’s proximity to the vibrant Medina square, known as Jemma el-Fnaa, is a definite advantage. In just a leisurely 20-minute walk or a quick 5 to 7-minutes cab ride, you’ll find yourself immersed in the bustling atmosphere of this iconic square, brimming with street performers, colorful market stalls, and an array of enticing aromas. It’s a sensory adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

    The customer service at the hotel was excellent. The entire staff was helpful and very friendly. I also ordered room service, the menu had a handful of items. I went with the Nutella pancakes which were pretty good and were delivered swiftly. Also, there is a spa located in the hotel which offers a variety of massages and other services. I recommend booking a foot massage, especially after a long day of walking! Lastly, we had breakfast and dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. I’d say it was decent.

    In summary, not only does this hotel provide comfortable accommodation, but its prime location ensures that you have access to a variety of dining options, popular stores, and even a taste of the local culture. With everything at your fingertips, your stay at this hotel is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Overall, Stars Hotel Marrakech is a good hotel for a first time visitors to Morocco. Click here to check them out.

    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Stars Hotel Marrakech- Morocco hotels for first time visit
    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Stars Hotel Marrakech- Morocco hotels for first time visit

    Riad Bahamou

    Next, we made our way to the Dades Valley or Dades Gorges. We spent 2 nights at the stunning Riad Bahamou, located in the middle of the valley. I loved everything about my stay here at the riad. It is a smaller property with about 15-16 rooms.

    Upon arrival, we were greeted with warm smiles and a refreshing glass of homemade mint tea. The soothing aroma of fresh herbs filled the air.. As we savored each sip, our taste buds were delighted by the delicate balance of flavors.

    After indulging in the delightful tea and nibbling on some freshly baked cookies, we were guided to our rooms. The anticipation built within us as we made our way through the charming corridors. And oh, the rooms! They were nothing short of extraordinary.

    As we entered, we were greeted by an explosion of colors and textures that brought a sense of vibrancy and elegance. The carefully curated decor showed attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics. The furniture, meticulously selected, blended seamlessly with the overall design, effortlessly combining style and comfort.

    But perhaps the most captivating aspect of our rooms was the view. As we approached the windows, we were met with breathtaking vistas that seemed to stretch endlessly. Gazing out at the world outside, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of serenity and awe. It was as if each room had been crafted to create a sacred space, allowing us to disconnect from the outside world and immerse ourselves in a sanctuary of tranquility. And when I say disconnect from the outside world, I mean wi-fi is extremely slow here.

    Every moment spent in that magical place was an enchanting experience. From the warm reception to the exquisite rooms, it was a stay filled with wonder and delight. It was an unexpected treasure that we will forever cherish in our memories.

    Couple more things about our stay at Riad Bahamou, they have a restaurant on property. Breakfast and dinner was included with our stay. We got to try some unique dishes for dinner. 10/10 would recommend it! You can hike the Dades Gorges while you are in this area, pack a swimsuit so you can take a dip in the swimming pool after a day full of hiking.

    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Riad Bahamou- Morocco hotels for first time visit
    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Riad Bahamou- Morocco hotels for first time visit

    Madu Camp

    Our next stop was the Sahara desert! We spent an incredible three days and two nights at the mesmerizing Riad Madu luxury camp, nestled right in the heart of this vast and captivating desert. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    Before embarking on our desert adventure, we were picked up by comfortable SUVs that awaited us at the edge of the desert. The anticipation grew as we gathered together with our fellow explorers, ready to immerse ourselves in the magic of the Sahara. The vehicles maneuvered through the golden dunes, giving us a taste of the exhilarating journey that lay ahead.

    As we reached the starting point of our camel ride, a sense of excitement and wonder filled the air. I must admit, mounting a camel is always an adventure!

    As we moved deeper into the desert, the silence enveloped us, broken only by the sounds of our laughter and the occasional soft breeze rustling the sand. The sun painted the landscape in hues of gold and amber, creating a breathtaking vista that seemed straight out of a painting.

    Upon arrival at the camp, we were greeted with some fresh mint tea and cookies, a staple in Moroccan hospitality. Then we headed to our assigned camps which were beautifully furnished and each had a fully functional private bathroom. Keep in mind, if you are planning a trip to Morocco during summers, the desert is extremely hot during the day and you will not be staying in your camp as the ACs turn off automatically around 6AM and won’t be back on till the end of the night. We had couple of excursions scheduled for the daytime and came back to the camps in time to get ready for dinner.

    Our days at Riad Madu were filled with incredible experiences. As dusk fell each evening, we gathered around a crackling bonfire, trading stories and laughter with our fellow travelers. We were treated to mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine at the on-site restaurant.

    At night, we retired to our comfortable tents. The clear night sky provided a spectacle of constellations, reminding us of the immense beauty and wonder of the universe. It was a truly humbling experience, feeling so small yet so connected to this awe-inspiring natural environment.

    We had been touched by the raw beauty and serenity of the desert, and the memories we made will stay with us forever. This adventure rejuvenated our spirits, filled our hearts with gratitude, and reminded us of the remarkable diversity this world has to offer.

    Madu Camp- Morocco hotels for first time visit
    Madu Camp- Morocco hotels for first time visit

    Riad Tamdakhte

    After spending 2 nights in the Sahara desert, we headed for a tour of Ait Ben Haddou which is a Moroccan city of earthen clay architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site. We spent 1 night at Riad Tamdakhte.

    Nestled within the heart of Morocco, the enchanting riad welcomed us with its captivating atmosphere. As we stepped into the courtyard, we were immediately greeted by the sight of a beautiful fountain, its gentle streams of water cascading down into a shimmering basin. The sound of the water, accompanied by the soft chirping of birds, created a serene and peaceful ambiance that instantly put us at ease.

    But it wasn’t just the picturesque setting that captivated us; it was the little kitties that roamed around the courtyard, their curious eyes and playful demeanor adding a touch of joy to our stay. Their friendly nature and willingness to engage with guests made us feel right at home, as if we were surrounded by our own furry companions.

    The check-in process was seamlessly efficient, and the staff members exuded warm and genuine hospitality. Once settled in our room, we couldn’t help but notice that it lacked the same wow factor as the rest of the riad. The color scheme, while tastefully done, didn’t quite resonate with my personal preferences. However, this was minor in an otherwise delightful experience. Despite feeling a little tight for two adults with our sizable suitcases, the room was still cozy and comfortable enough to ensure a good night’s rest.

    Furthermore, they too have an on-site restaurant and the food was delicious. Had some of the best lentil soup here!

    Overall, our stay at the riad was a memorable one. From the enchanting courtyard with its beautiful fountain to the friendly kitties and exceptional staff, it offered a unique and inviting atmosphere that left a lasting impression. While the room may not have been our favorite aspect, the overall charm and hospitality of the riad more than made up for it. We would gladly return to this hidden gem in Morocco and recommend it to fellow travelers seeking a truly enchanting experience.

    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Riad Tamdakhte- Morocco hotels for first time visit

    So there you have it, the hotels I stayed at in Morocco for my first time visit. During your research you will notice that there are a ton of beautiful riads and hotels in Morocco which can be quiet overwhelming. So I think this is a great list for those planning their first visit to Morocco and are unfamiliar with the area. Most of them are reasonably priced, under $100/night, and won’t break the bank. You will get amazing customer service at every single property I have mentioned and authentic taste of Morocco.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post.


    Where to stay in Morocco for first time visit #riad #hotelreviews #moroccohotels #moroccotravel #traveltips #africa #morocco
    Morocco hotels for first time

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