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    One Day Itinerary to Nassau: Best Things to do

    If you have an upcoming trip to the Bahamas and are looking for a one day itinerary to Nassau, then you are in the right spot. Located in the Caribbean, Nassau has been a popular tourist destination for as long as I can remember. The island offers beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and plenty of sunshine making it an ideal destination for travelers of all ages. I have put together a travel itinerary for spending one day in Nassau. Whether you are flying in or stopping by on a cruise, this will help you make the best of your time here.

    One day itinerary to Nassau including top 10 things to do #nassau #bahamas #summervacation #caribbean #springbreak
    Nassau one day itinerary

    How do you spend one day in Nassau, Bahamas?

    While you can absolutely chose to the spend the day lounging at one of the stunning beaches, I say Nassau has more to offer and is absolutely worth exploring. A walking tour is one of the best ways to explore town, however, make sure to carry a hat to keep the sun out of your face.

    If you are not so much of a walker, then a private sightseeing bus tour is the way to go. Click here to check out this inexpensive option. And if you are looking for a customizable sightseeing ride around the island, then click here for this excellent option.

    1. Nassau Downtown City Tour

    Bay Street is a good spot to begin your downtown city tour. It is the main street of Nassau where you can find local restaurants and bars and tons of unique stores for shopping. The city is also filled with colorful buildings which makes every corner picturesque. Click here for a historic Nassau city bike tour. I recommend this option if you don’t want to explore the area on foot. However, if you don’t mind walking, then this 3-hours guided tour is a good option. Click here.

    2. Queen’s Staircase

    The 65-step staircase was named in honor of Queen Victoria, who in 1800s signed a declaration abolishing slavery on her ascension to the throne. This major landmark is located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau. The entry fees is about $2 per person to the fort. I would recommend dedicating 45mins to walk around and learn about the history. Click here for more information.

    3. Beach hopping in Nassau

    If you are not in the mood to explore the town, beach hopping is a great way to enjoy the beautiful, turquoise waters and soak in lots of sunshine. Some of my favorite beaches are Cabbage beach, Cove beach, and Junkanoo beach.

    Out of these 3, Junkanoo seems like a cruise ship stop, therefore, very touristy. You can easily find lots of different restaurants and bars nearby. Cove beach has beautiful coral reefs and a variety of marine life making it ideal for snorkeling. Cabbage beach has some of the most stunning waters and sand, great for water sports.

    4. Snorkel at Clifton Heritage National Park

    Clifton Heritage National Park is a national park on the western end of New Providence Island in the Bahamas. One of the main attractions is the big statue, named Ocean Atlas. This tour takes takes you to the park as well as couple of other spots such as the famous Jaws Beach, where the movie was filmed.

    5. Visit National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

    The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is an art gallery in Nassau. The museum offers a unique look at Bahamian history and culture through the art of its people. The tickets cost about $10 per person. You can also take a walking tour which includes a visit to the art gallery and more. Click here for a cultural walking tour of downtown Nassau.

    6. Shop local goods at Nassau Straw Market

    One of the best ways to shop and help the economy, is by shopping local goods at the Nassau Straw Market. This market gives you an authentic shopping experience located right in the middle of the high-end stores. You can also watch the artisans craft their art right in front of you. Click here to find out more. This is the perfect spot to purchase souvenirs for friends or family back home.

    7. Tour of Fort Montagu

    Fort Montagu is the oldest fort still standing on the island of New Providence. It was built in 1741 out of local limestone. There are tours available that tell you about the history of the fort and how it was used. Click here to find out more information.

    8. Visit the lively Bay Street

    Bay Street is the oldest and the main street of Nassau. This is the one place you don’t want to miss out when visiting Nassau to get the real vibe of the island. You can click here to read more about what all

    9. Tour the Bahamas Rum Cake factory

    This was one of my favorite part of the city as you all know I love desserts. This was my first time trying a rum cake and am glad I got to do it straight from the factory. The tour itself won’t take too long, I’d say 30-45 mins max, but hopefully you decide to purchase some of the cakes. They will serve as a delicious reminder of your trip to the Bahamas or as a souvenir for family or friends. You can just walk into the factory without a scheduled tour. Click here for the location.

    10. Visit John Watling’s Distillery

    The John Watlings Distillery is located on the historic Buena Vista Estate in the Downtown Nassau area. Overlooking the harbor and offering panoramic views, the estate is situated on more than two acres of lush tropical gardens with century-old black olive trees. You can take a free and guided tour to learn more about the distillery as well as taste some of their rums. Another option is this historical city guided food tasting tour, which includes a visit to the distillery, rum cake factory, and more. Click here for the tour.

    What I do need to know before going to Nassau, Bahamas?

    Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. You can fly in to the Nassau airport (NAS) which is about 15 miles from downtown. Nassau is also a popular cruise stop, so this one day itinerary will definitely come in handy.

    Some other things to keep in mind while planning your trip:

    • English is the official language of the country
    • Even though, the Bahamian dollar is the official currency, the U.S. dollar is widely accepted
    • Bring some cash for tipping
    • A walking tour is a great way to explore the main attractions. Uber is not available on the islands but taxis are pretty affordable

    What should I pack for a trip to Nassau, Bahamas?

    Whether your Nassau itinerary is for one day or several days, I highly recommend carrying some essentials with you. This will help make your trip a lot more easier. Check out my recommendations below:

    ConclusionNassau one day itinerary

    Visiting Nassau is a no-brainer. The Bahamas are easily accessible from the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world making it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Whether you are visiting the capital city of Nassau as a cruise stop or planning to fly in to the islands for a vacation, this one day itinerary to Nassau will definitely come in handy.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to the paradise islands of the Bahamas and get to relax to the fullest.


    One day itinerary to Nassau including top 10 things to do #nassau #bahamas #summervacation #caribbean #springbreak
    Nassau one day itinerary

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