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    The Perfect Date Night- Pinstripes Bethesda Restaurant Review

    Who here has planned for a date night but ends up staying in for a Netflix & chill night because you can’t decide on a place to go? So the other day, as my partner and I were trying to pick a restaurant for date night, we came across this one of a kind place that first of all looked very appealing. Continue to read my Pinstripes Bethesda review.

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    It has a bowling alley, a bocce ball court, and a rooftop lounge. Like WHAT!! It was supposed to be a beautiful fall evening, so the rooftop and bowling had me sold! Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly hostess and were immediately seated at the bar. And then….keep on reading to find out how my date went.

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    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda


    We wanted to start the evening with a drink and watch the game for a bit. I enjoyed my Tomato-mozzarella bruschetta as  I sipped on my mocktail mojito. I watched as the bartender ground fresh mint leaves before adding them to my drink, which by the way passed my taste test. Kudos! Then arrives the bruschetta. I wish you all could taste it through the picture! It was beyond delicious. I would give the dish a 10 out of 10 for taste and presentation. The mozzarella just melts in your mouth. The dish was an instant hit, more orders were placed by customers around us as they couldn’t resist their temptation.

    In addition to the mocktail, the restaurant offers a variety of cocktails and has wine stacked all the way up to the roof, literally!

    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda


    Dinner time and you know what that means, more food! Pinstripes offers an Italian-American cuisine and they have done a darn good job at it! We ordered a wood-oven baked margarita pizza (yum!) and a veggie burger? An unusual pick by me but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. The veggie burger was cooked to perfection and crafted so well, the optimal consistency, not too dry, not too moist. The end result, a delicious piece of burger served to you on a bun topped off with red onion, calabrese, avocado and goat cheese.

    I would love to provide more details on the pizza, however, unfortunately, it was inhaled by my partner. The combination of the fresh mozzarella, hand crushed san marzano tomatoes and basil baked in a wood- burned oven made it an excellent choice off of the menu. The portion is great for 1 to 2 people but you may not want to share it after tasting it… just a heads up!

    Oh and how could I forget to mention the best part of any meal in my life, the dessert! Take a guess which dessert I picked from the menu (hint in my Italian post). If you said tiramisu then you were right! This popular coffee-flavored Italian cuisine custard dessert made a great pair with the Ghirardelli Mocha Latte. Pinstripes also offers a great selection of other desserts such as a house made gelato/sorbet in seasonally inspired flavors, a delicious carrot cake and many more! Let me know which one you ended up picking!

    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda


    We headed to the bowling alley located upstairs after dinner. I was ready to kick some butt! The alley has 13 lanes but it does get busy, so make sure you either have a reservation or arrive early. Unfortunately, I did not win any games that night but I had an awesome time! The servers are very attentive and friendly and service is provided at your table by your lane. We also made some new friends at the table next to us and I learned to add a little spin to the ball.

    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda


    The outdoor patio is really nice and as the temperature begin to drop, the fire pits will definitely be used. I also heard that you are given free blankets, perfect to cuddle!

    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda

    I would give the restaurant a 9.8 out of 10. It is a brand new place, very spacious and has a modern feel to it. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, it was great to see the managers help out the staff during peak times. The food and drinks tasted excellent, extra points for presentation. It is conveniently located in Pike and Rose, Bethesda just a few minutes away from D.C. and there is plenty of free parking available. The bowling alley and the rooftop are a perfect addition which makes it a perfect spot for date night or have a fun time with friends or family. I would recommend making reservations as this place has become popular in a very short period. Check out the website here for their menu and other locations near you. Buon Appetito! Hope you enjoyed my Pinstripes Bethesda review.

    I would love to hear your favorite types of restaurants for a date night. Share in the comments below!

    SAVE ME- Pinstripes Bethesda Review

    Read my Pinstripes Bethesda review located in North Bethesda, MD. Perfect for a date night or fun night out with your friends. #restaurantreview #datenightdinner #restaurantinmaryland #bestrestaurantinbethesda



    1. Neha Kulshrestha
      October 5, 2017 / 9:50 pm

      This tastes yummy!! Will remember to visit it the next time we visit Bethesda..
      What a perfect date night..

      Safarnama @ http://www.travelwithanjali.com

    2. October 5, 2017 / 4:08 pm

      OMG I’m literally drooling at the food pics! Looks like an amazing night!

    3. October 4, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      Netflix and a movie!! Happens to often in our house. The perfect date is finding the place you both will enjoy while enjoying each other! I haven’t went bowling in such a long time!! It will be on out next date night agenda!

    4. jlizette4426
      October 4, 2017 / 3:17 pm

      I made the mistake of reading your post before lunch time haha but your pictures and description were very well detailed! It definitely looks like a place I would go to for date night. Thanks for sharing!

    5. carolinarevello
      October 4, 2017 / 2:53 pm

      Everything looks delicious! Your description are making me so hungry right now haha Amazing pictures as well. The place must be very big, it also looks very cozy and fancy at the same time. Thank you for sharing! 😀

    6. October 4, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      Tasty dinner & booze, and entertainment? That’s right up my alley! Sounds like you had a great date night! I’m a firm believer that every relationship needs a date night or two per month to clear your minds of everything else going on in your lives and keep things fresh!

    7. Marienne
      October 4, 2017 / 2:06 pm

      This is what I call an awesome date night!

    8. October 4, 2017 / 11:22 am

      oh my goodness, I couldn’t even tell you what looks best. It all looks so yummy 🙂
      XX- Ashley

    9. October 4, 2017 / 3:27 am

      beautiful pictures, you are looking fab. loved the minimal eye make up

    10. October 3, 2017 / 10:44 pm

      Looks like a fun place to go on date night or any other night!

      A bar that is stocked with wine from the floor to the ceiling? Why yes please!

      I’m a #winelover and that already earns points with my ❤ ha ha

      That bruschetta as a appetizer looks so good! The veggie burger must be crunchy, hearty and delish right? I would have ordered the same since i don’t eat meat.

      To finish the night on a high note and go bowling under the same roof? That’s just so cool. 2 or 3 for 1!

      Great and detailed review. Well done ?

    11. October 3, 2017 / 10:22 pm

      That’s an amazing date night, glad you guys had fun!

    12. October 3, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      My bf and I love trying out new places to eat! And since I’m in MD we’ll definitely be taking a trip to Bethesda to check this place out! The food looks amazing.

    13. October 3, 2017 / 9:47 pm

      Wow that food sure does look appetizing, especially the bruschetta! Bowling is lots of fun! Glad you had a fun night.

    14. October 3, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      This date night looks simply amazing!! Super fun post and great photos!!

    15. October 3, 2017 / 12:17 pm

      This looks so good !!

    16. October 2, 2017 / 1:35 pm

      Oh my goodness, what a fabulous date night!!! The food looks SOOOOO good!!!!!

      • ManinderK
        October 2, 2017 / 4:17 pm

        It was a lot of fun! We had a great time and can’t wait to go back!

    17. Amrita
      October 2, 2017 / 11:45 am

      Looks tempting! Will definitely have to try this!

      • ManinderK
        October 2, 2017 / 4:50 pm

        Certainly! Let me know how you like it.

    18. Beca
      October 1, 2017 / 5:38 pm

      Love this idea! We haven’t found a place that has all of these items included in a great way. However, there’s a Thai place further up the highway that we love to dine at for a small date night.

      • ManinderK
        October 2, 2017 / 11:31 am

        That sounds awesome Becca. I have to check it out!

    19. oussama AKSAS
      October 1, 2017 / 4:36 pm

      this is good place with great food you re verry luky

      • ManinderK
        October 2, 2017 / 11:31 am

        Thank you Oussama for stopping by!

        • October 3, 2017 / 11:51 pm

          Wow such an amazing date night. It had all the elements!

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