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    Best things to do in Milan, Italy for Solo Traveler

    If you are looking for the best things to do in Milan as a solo traveler, then you are in the right spot! Milan is known as a global capital of fashion and design aka shoppers’ paradise! Having said that, Milan has so much more to offer to everyone. Whether you are a history enthusiast, on the hunt for the best pasta, looking to relax at a stunning lake, or just wander around on the streets of a charming city. You will definitely love the amazing things to do in Milan as a solo traveler.

    Personally, I love traveling with friends or family. However, there the experience of solo travel is unmatched. One of the most important things that I have learned from my solo travel is that you are never really solo on a trip. A guided group tour is the perfect way to meet new people in a different city or country.

    I typically pre-book my tours through getyourguide.com, so that I have most of my trip planned yet leaving some room to explore on my way. I always recommend booking couple of tours and leaving couple of days open to explore on your own so you get the best of both worlds.

    When planning your trip to Milan, keep in mind there are a lot of things to do and can get overwhelming. I have done some research for you and picked out the best things to do in Milan for a solo traveler. I like to enjoy a variety of different experiences, not just visit museums. Keep on reading!

    1. Da Vinci’s Last Supper: Tour

      Da Vinci’s Last Supper is one of his masterpiece that should not be missed when visiting Milan. If you are an art lover, you will definitely want to get up close to admire the Last Supper painting located in beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. You also learn about the Italian Renaissance era and secrets of Da Vinci’s life that you probably won’t find in your history books. Click here to book the tour.
    2. From Milan: Lake Como, Bellagio, and Varenna Day Tour

      This is a highly recommended tour and should not be missed! Milan certainly offers tons of things to do and see but I think it is always a great idea to explore other nearby areas too. This tour takes you on a full day scenic drive from Milan to the stunning Lake Como, which is known for it’s villas and gardens, and to the colorful Italian villages of Bellagio and Varenna. Click here to book the tour.
    3. Milan: Aperitivo Tour with Street Food

      This is a good tour for cocktail lovers. You get to enjoy a variety of drinks and local street foods while exploring the city of Milan. Click here to book the tour.
    4. Milan: Evening Food Tour

      This evening food tour is another great option to explore the streets of Milan while enjoying some of the best cuisine and wines. An evening food tour is the perfect way to do more with your day in a ne city. You can visit the museums and sightsee during the day and once they are closed, go on this 3 hours food tour so you can continue exploring and don’t really have to pay for dinner at a sit down restaurant. Click here to book the tour.

    5. Milan: Half-Day Food Tour on Foot

      You can’t leave Milan without tasting their amazing food. And what better way to try out some of the best foods and burn it off with this food walking tour. In this walking food tour, you get to taste some of the traditional pastries, explore the traditional food stores of Milan, wander the streets of historic Brera, and enjoy some Milan style aperitifs at a trendy art bar. This tour is not recommended for vegans. Click here to book the tour.
    6. Milan: Central Market Tour and Cooking Class

      Another great way to truly learn about Milan is by taking this traditional Italian cooking class and a Market food tour. You get a tour of the central market of Milan and learn about the cuisine led by an expert chef and learn to make authentic dishes such as fresh pasta, cheese fondue, and ragout. Click here to book the tour.
    7. Milan: 1-Day Open Bus Tour

      A one day open bus tour is the best way to explore Milan or any city especially if you are short on time and want to see the main attractions in a day. A perfect time to use this if you have a one or 2 days layover in a particular city. This tour covers some of the main attractions like the Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, Palazzo Dugnani, and so much more! You can also learn about the history, facts, and some stories of the city. I recommend bringing your own headphones though as well as wear comfortable walking shoes. Click here to book the tour.
    8. Milan: Cinque Terre Full-Day Guided Trip With Cruise

      When visiting Italy, exploring the coastline is a must! Especially during the warmer weather. While staying in Milan, you can add this full day guided trip to Cinque Terre. A bus picks you up from Milan and takes you on a journey to one of the largest villages in Cinque Terre. Here you get to experience a different side of Italy, where there is no car traffic. You also go on a boat cruise where you get to admire the village of Portovenere from the sea. Click here to book the tour.
    9. Milan Cathedral and Rooftop Ticket

      Visiting the Milan Duomo Cathedral is a must when in Milan. The beauty of this cathedral is unlike any other in the world. Such a marvelous piece of work! If you are short on time, you can walk around the outside of the cathedral and admire it’s beauty. However, if you truly want to get up close, I recommend purchasing this rooftop ticket which gives you access to the terraces, museum, and the archaeological area. You get a panoramic view of the city and learn the history of this 600-year old cathedral! Click here to book the tour.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this post about best things to do in Milan for solo traveler and end up doing some of these activities while you visit. Keep in mind, these activities in Milan are for both solo traveler as well as groups.


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    Things to do in Milan Solo traveler


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