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    Best European cities for Spring break

    Let’s discover the best European cities for a spring break! Winter season is gradually coming to an end and we are heading to Spring which means time for Spring break! I know a lot of people like to head to Europe for their Spring breaks which is great. However, how do you pick and choose which destination to go to?

    Best European cities for Spring break #springbreak #europe #visiteurope #traveltips
    Best European cities for Spring break

    First, let’s start with what type of experience you are looking for. Are you more of an arts and history lover? Do you want to spend your week eating the best foods? Or would you rather go to a shoppers’ paradise? Europe offers something for every type of visitor. I have explored a good number of European cities and would like to share the best European cities for a Spring break, in my opinion. You can definitely plan your trip either exploring one country or make it a multi-city/country type of trip. Check out my travel tips to plan a road trip in Europe!


    Let’s begin with a no-brainer. The city of Paris has been a fascination for many for as long as I can remember. And rightfully so too. The city of Paris has been known as the city of love but I believe that title has shifted now. Of course, anyone can go there, not just lovers. I have been to Paris twice, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful cultural cities in the world. The marvelous Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame cathedral and Louvre museum are just a couple of the most famous things to see. Another reason why Paris is one of the best European cities for a spring break is the food! Whether you are looking to enjoy a fresh croissant and hot chocolate at a local café or enjoy some fine dining, the French cuisine is not to be missed.


    This one was a pleasant surprise to me. The city of Brussels is located in Belgium, often overlooked due to the other major European cities such as Paris, London, etc. The beautiful city of Brussels is also known as the chocolate capital of the world which is my favorite part about it! If you are planning to visit Brussels, I recommend spending at least 2-3 days here. Just like the rest of Europe, Brussels is rich in history, architecture, and culture. However, all the different kinds of chocolate had to be my favorite part and of course the other foods too. I also discovered that you can explore most of the Brussel’s tourist attractions via a walking tour. I wrote a post on how you can take your own walking tour of the city which is linked below. Just make sure to carry some comfortable walking shoes!


    The city of Krakow is located in Poland, a true hidden gem of Europe! I was amazed at everything this city had to offer. Compared to the rest of Poland, Krakow seems to have a lot more English speakers, so it was a lot easier for me to navigate and communicate during my visit. The city also lies on the border with Czech Republic, which is another beautiful country to add to your bucket list. My favorite parts of the city were the Wawel Royal Castle and the Main Market Square. There was something magical about sipping on some hot chocolate at one of the cafe in Market Square while watching fairytale like horse carriages make it’s way around the area. Krakow has the perfect mix of good quality and affordable restaurants, historical sites & museums, bars, and boutique shopping. I highly recommend visiting this city!


    The capital of Italy, is the city of Rome, known worldwide for it’s importance in the history books. This ancient city is a must visit and certainly one of the best European cities for a spring break. I suggest visiting in Spring due to the weather. Summers do get brutally hot and stuffy. Some of the most popular historical sites are the Colosseum, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, and a visit to the tiniest country in the world, The Vatican.
    Rome has a wonderful mix of history, archeology, art, religion, and delicious food which makes it one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. Check out my experience from my first trip to Italy below.


    The city of Amsterdam has more bicycles than people! The best way to explore Amsterdam is on a bicycle. You can rent one while you are there and just cruise around town. Make sure to get an early start to your day when visiting the popular tourist sites, they get crowded real quick! Amsterdam also has a complex network of canals, so make sure you book yourself a canal boat cruise ride. And if you are a looking for a city with a fun nightlife, Amsterdam again will not disappoint!


    Just like Paris, London is another no-brainer! Whether it is the fascination with the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, red phone booths, Buckingham Palace or anything related to royalty, the city of London is certainly one of the best European cities for a spring break or any time of the year! I have been to the city a few times and am in awe every time I visit. It seems like things change quickly, new and trendy restaurants/cafes pop up all the time yet the history and culture of the city is never lost. My favorite parts of the city are of course the touristy things, the fashion and endless shopping and the beautiful blend of different cultures from all over the world.

    If you are planning on hopping from one to city to another, I recommend going to London, Paris and possibly another city such as Amsterdam or Rome.


    How can I not mention the city known as the fashion capital of the world here! I loveddd my trip to Milan. Even though, it was short, I made sure to explore the city as much as possible. This meant waking up at 4am and going to bed at 1am! When traveling to Milan, make sure to check out the Duomo Cathedral. Make sure you get there early, well before it opens, if you are planning to get some good shots without the crowds in the background. And once it does open, check out the views of the city from the cathedral’s rooftop, simply stunning! Milan is also a paradise for art lovers and luxury fashion shoppers.

    There you have it. These are the best European cities for Spring break in my opinion. Keep in mind, I have been to all these cities, some multiple times and have truly enjoyed my experiences. Each destination has had something unique to offer, unlike anywhere else in the world. You can always spend your break exploring one country/city at a time or go to multiple places in a short period. Traveling within Europe is convenient and inexpensive. I hope you get to visit these destinations and have a great time. I have also written elaborate travel guides and itineraries on some of these places to help you plan your entire trip. Check them out!


    Best European cities for Spring break #springbreak #europe #visiteurope #traveltips
    Best European cities for Spring break

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    1. February 4, 2023 / 2:29 pm

      Great suggestions. I live in the US and didn’t think much about Spring Break in Europe but YESSSS how fun! Thanks for sharing.

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