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    Luxury Hotels in Jordan- Where to Stay

    If you are wondering where to stay in Jordan and are looking for the best luxury hotels, keep on reading this post. I visited Jordan last year and enjoyed every single hotel I stayed at. Each one had a unique character to it and the customer service was top notch. I spend couple of nights in the capital city, Amman, as well as Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

    Four Seasons Amman

    Staying at the Four Seasons Amman definitely was a treat! A true 5 stars luxury experience. Everything about my stay here was immaculate. Starting from the smooth check in, to the perfect room, followed by the breakfast. The food I had at the Four Seasons Amman, was some of the best quality food that I have ever had. Even though, it was a buffet style breakfast, top chefs prepared the dishes as per your order and used top quality ingredients. Customer service was top-notch and everyone I encountered was extremely helpful and friendly. Four Seasons is certainly one the best luxury hotels in Jordan and I highly recommend staying there. Click here for more details on the hotel.

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    Four Seasons Amman- Luxury hotels in Jordan

    Luxotel Wadi Rum Bubble

    Have you seen pictures on social media of all those amazing glass-like bubble hotels in the middle of the desert and dreamt of staying at one? Well, then look no further as I share my experience staying at one. Luxotel Wadi Rum Bubble hotel is located in the middle of a desert, literally. But don’t worry, you are still going to be around civilization. It is one of the best luxury hotels in Jordan located in the desert. You get to sleep under the stunning night sky full of stars, but in a glass-like bubble.

    Our meals were included with our stay, one thing I did not like was the fact that you could only eat from the restaurant in the hotel, there was literally no other option unless you drove out of the desert and went back to town. So I suggest carrying some snacks with you. Other than that, the rooms itself were stunning, my favorite part was waking up early and drinking my cup of coffee on the deck overlooking the massive desert and rock formations. Felt like you were on another planet, say Mars.

    You do have access to Wi-Fi, and can participate in some other activities such as stargazing, camel riding, jeep tour, etc. I went on the jeep tour of the desert where we got to visit some Bedouin camps, and take lots of pictures in different spots around. Staying in the desert was a major bucket list check off and I highly recommend you do it too. Click here for more details on the Luxotel Wadi Rum hotel.

    Luxotel wadi rum bubble hotel - Luxury hotels in Jordan #luxuryhotels #jordanhotels #wheretostayinjordan #jordan #bubblehotel #wadirumjordan #luxuryhotelreview
    Luxotel Wadi Rum Bubble hotel- luxury hotels in Jordan

    Movenpick Petra

    Visiting Petra is an absolute must do while visiting Jordan as it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The history behind it is so fascinating that you would not want to miss exploring it. Having said that, I recommend spending at least one night at a hotel near Petra, if not more, so you can spend the entire day exploring Petra.

    I stayed at the Movenpick Petra and it was the best decision. As much as I enjoyed staying at the Four Seasons Amman, the back and forth drive would have been a lot. It took us more than 3 hours to get there. Upon arrival at Movenpick Petra, I immediately fell in love with the entire decor of the hotel and could see why it is one of the top rated luxury hotels in Jordan.

    Breakfast was included with our stay and was all you can eat with chefs preparing custom dishes right in front of you. Room was cozy and had a huge balcony with a beautiful view of the city. The hotel was walking distance to Petra’s main entrance, literally a 3 minutes walk across the road. Click here for hotel details. Movenpick Petra is another 5 stars hotel in Jordan.

    Movenpick Amman

    I stayed at the Movenpick Amman for my last night in Jordan. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city near shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Movenpick Amman is a slightly more budget friendly luxury hotel. It is still a great hotel and I recommend staying there. It seemed like a popular 5 stars luxury hotels in the city especially for business travelers in Amman, Jordan. My room had a stunning view of the city. Click here for more details on the hotel.

    Conclusion- Luxury Hotels in Jordan

    There are several amazing hotels in Jordan, however, narrowing down your options might become challenging. I highly recommend staying at the above mentioned luxury hotels in Jordan as I have stayed at them and loved it. Jordan is a beautiful country to visit and recommend you add it to your bucket list. Check out my other posts on Jordan including a 7 days itinerary.

    Feel free to comment below with any questions you may have about the trip.

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    Luxury hotels in Jordan

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