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    Punta Cana 5 Day Itinerary- Best Things to do

    Who’s ready for another amazing vacation spot? I know I am ready to head to my next trip soon. Punta Cana is a popular beach destination located in the Dominican Republic. It has some of the best beaches in the world! I loved visiting the beautiful Punta Cana and would highly recommend you plan a trip there ASAP! To help you plan your trip, here is a 5 day itinerary for Punta Cana.

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    Punta Cana 5 day itinerary

    Day 1

    After settling in, I like to spend the first day getting accustomed to the new area and just take it easy. Depending on where you arrive from, sometimes traveling to a destination can be quiet hectic, especially these days. So whether you want to get some rest, hang out by the pool or just spend the day at the beach, this is the best time to do so as the rest of the trip is going to be filled with lots of fun activities!

    So grab your favorite bathing suit, sunscreen and a beach hat and make your way to the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana. For breakfast, I recommend Las Lenas Cafe located in the Princess Punta Cana resort. Grab a cup of iced coffee and a sandwich and enjoy the morning exploring the resort. While you spend the day at the beach, you can also go for an exciting water activity. Click here for a parasailing experience.

    After spending day 1 at the beach, let’s get ready for dinner. One of the most recommended spots was La Yola restaurant. It serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood in an elegant setting with a view of the beautiful ocean. Click here.

    Today’s Agenda —>> Relax at the beach

    • Breakfast @ Las Lenas cafe
    • Relax at the beach or go parasailing
    • Dinner @ La Yola restaurant

    Day 2

    For day 2, I recommend going for a full day adventure. Start your day early with a delicious breakfast at your resort. Then get ready for an early morning pickup and head out to enjoy a full day at Saona Island. After meeting your tour guides, a catamaran boat will take you to Saona Island where you can swim or snorkel in some of the clearest waters and maybe get a picture with a starfish. Yes, a real starfish! Click here for the tour.

    This tour includes a buffet lunch and pickup/drop off from your hotel. I recommend taking some cash with you (U.S. dollars will work) to pay for souvenirs or local vendors. This waterproof phone pouch is a must to carry your essentials.

    Once you are back in town, get ready for a casual dinner at Burlao Grill Punta Cana. Click here for details on the restaurant.

    Today’s Agenda —>> Full day @ Saona Island

    • Breakfast @ resort
    • Full day @ Saona Island
    • Dinner @ Burlao Grill Punta Cana

    Day 3

    A visit to the capital, Santo Domingo, is a must when traveling to the Dominican Republic. You can either drive a rental car, hire a taxi or go with this tour. Discover the history, culture, and landscapes of the capital city. It takes over 2 hours from Punta Cana, therefore, I suggest an early start to your day. The tour takes around several spots and offers hotel pickup/drop off which made it convenient for me. A traditional Dominican lunch is also provided during the tour.

    After spending a long day in Santo Domingo, enjoy some delicious Mexican food at this place. It is an outdoor, casual setup, so no need to dress up in heels.

    Today’s Agenda —>> Full day in Santo Domingo

    • Breakfast @ resort
    • Full day exploring Santo Domingo
    • Dinner @ Pastrata Mexican restaurant

    Day 4

    La Taberna de Pepe Punta Cana offers excellent brunch, so I recommend you check it out. Click here. You can choose to sleep in or go for a morning walk at the beach. After your brunch, you can head to a Monkey Land half-day safari where you get to interact with some friendly monkeys. Click here.

    Since we are almost at the end of our 5 day itinerary in Punta Cana, why not dress up for a fun night out. Enjoy dinner at Jellyfish restaurant where you can enjoy stunning views of the water while you eat. And then head out for the night of your life at Coco Bongo nightclub. Click here for the option with transportation.

    Today’s Agenda —>> Full day in Santo Domingo

    • Morning beach walk
    • Brunch @ La Taberna de Pepe
    • Half-day @ Monkey Land safari
    • Fancy dinner @ Jellyfish restaurant
    • Night out @ Coco Bongo nightclub

    Day 5

    I hope you have enjoyed your time in Punta Cana as this is your final day, unless of course you plan to stay longer. As we come to an end to our 5 day itinerary for Punta Cana, it is important to get some relaxation in. This spa cruise might be the best option or you can schedule a massage at your resort, if they offer it. This spa cruise includes a relaxing massage, pilates class, fish pedicure, and you can also float on a mattress in the sea! How cool. I think it is a great way to end your trip.

    Once you are done with your spa cruise, you can either just relax or go for some souvenir shopping. For dinner, dress up for a nice dinner at Restaurante Limbo.

    Today’s Agenda —>> Spa cruise

    • Relax on a Spa cruise
    • Fancy dinner @ Restaurante Limbo


    When is the best time to visit Punta Cana?

    Due to it’s all-year around tropical, warm weather, you can visit Punta Cana anytime. However, there are some factors to consider before booking your flights. December- March is considered their peak season as crowds from colder regions love to vacation during this time of the year. This means hotel and flights are expensive and the beaches are crowded. October is the wettest month. End of March to May are generally off-season as the crowds have died down which means better hotel and flight deals.

    How to get around in Punta Cana?

    For transportation options, you can either rent a car, reserve private rides from reliable sites such as getyourguide.com, take taxis or go with Uber. I found Ubers to be the most expensive option, however, it was convenient when I needed a short ride around town. Driving a car is pretty straightforward and you can pick up your car from the airport. Private transportation to and from the airport is also an excellent option, click here. You can also check with you resort’s concierge for booking a taxi. For this 5 day Punta Cana itinerary, I recommend renting a car so it is convenient to move around town.

    Where to stay in Punta Cana?

    Bavaro is considered the best areas to stay in Punta Cana for tourists. It has a large variety of resorts/hotels, restaurants & bars, and close proximity to the stunning beaches. It is about 15 mins from the airport, how convenient! The recommended resorts below are not for the budget-friendly folks. I personally like to stay at more upscale resorts to have the best experience.

    1. Melia Caribe Beach Resort. Click here.
    2. Bahia Principe Grand Aquamarine. Adults only, all-inclusive. Click here.
    3. Melia hotels & resorts. A wellness inclusive, adults only resort. Click here.
    4. Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa Resort. Click here.
    5. Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana. Click here.
    6. Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa & Casino. Click here.
    7. Eden Roc Cap Cana. Click here.
    8. Finest Punta Cana. Click here.
    9. Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa. Click here.
    10. Majestic Mirage Punta Cana. Click here.

    What else do I need to know before going to Punta Cana?

    Somethings to keep in mind when planning your 5 day itinerary for Punta Cana:

    • It is a very touristy destination, if you are looking for a more authentic Dominican experience, then it might be best to visit other parts of the country such as Santo Domingo.
    • I highly recommend pre-booking your airport transportation whether that is via a private taxi service or your hotel. As you are leaving the airport, you will be bombarded with cab drivers which can get extremely overwhelming, especially in a new destination.
    • Rain showers are common since it is a tropical island. However, they are usually quick and the sun is back out.

    How much cash should I bring?

    Most of the resorts and most tourist places accept credit cards. However, I do recommend carrying cash (U.S. dollars are widely accepted) for tips and other smaller transactions. Some small businesses such as taxis, souvenir shops, vendors on the beach, etc. do not accept credit cards. Depending on what activities you have planned for your trip, I recommend $50-$100 per day, with enough change for tipping.
    Keep in mind, this amount works if you have pre-paid for your excursion activities. If you are planning to pay once you get there, then I recommend $200-$300. The excursions can be anywhere between $100-$200 per person.

    What to pack for Punta Cana?

    In addition to the cute vacation outfits, there are some more essentials that I recommend packing with you.

    • You can also checkout my Amazon storefront for some inspiration. Click here.
    • Makeup- bare minimum, whatever fits in this bag . I have the gold colored one. Click here.
    • Skin care- travel size only, the Origins travel skincare set was perfect, I use most of their products at home too. Click here.
    • Sunscreen- again travel size only, I like the Neutrogena stick version which works for face & body. Click here.
    • Camera- I have the Canon EOS T7i, there is a great bundle deal on Amazon. Click here.
    • Waterproof camera- under $50, loved it! The quality is pretty good for the price. Click here. I also purchased a wide angle lens. Click here.
    • Tripod- solo traveler problems. Get something sturdy and lightweight, especially if you plan on taking pics when it is windy. Click here.
    • Shoes- 2 sandals and 1 pair of inexpensive rubber flip flops for the beach.
    • Packing cubes- to keep things organized especially when you have limited space. Click here.

    Restaurants in Punta Cana- Best Places to Eat

    Below are some of the most recommended restaurants in Punta Cana. I wanted to give you guys some more options just in case you are in the mood for something different. Keep in mind, a lot of these restaurants are in resorts.

    1. Mina at Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa resort. Click here. A meat lovers favorite, offers delicious cuts of meats in an informal steakhouse.
    2. La Palapa by Eden Roc. Click here. Fine dining with a view of the stunning Caribbean Sea, perfect for a date night or a celebration of a special ocassion.
    3. La Yola Restaurant. Click here. Enjoy some fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant setting. Another restaurant with great views of the beautiful Caribbean waters.
    4. Pastrata Mexican restaurant. Click here. This is a small outdoor restaurant serving some delicious Mexican food and amazing drinks.
    5. Noah restaurant & lounge. Click here. Loved this restaurant for their excellent service as well as the vegetarian options.
    6. Burlao Grill Punta Cana. Click here. This is a more casual bar and grill that has serves some tasty smoked ribs.
    7. Dinner in the Sky Punta Cana. Click here. This is a unique experience where you get to dine in the sky. Eat some delicious food while enjoying breathtaking views of the Caribbean.
    8. La Taberna De Pepe Punta Cana. Click here. Great option for brunch or dinner. Offers a variety of different cuisines.
    9. Jellyfish Beach restaurant. Click here. Enjoy this upscale and relaxing beachfront restaurant offering a blend of Caribbean, American and European cuisines.
    10. Restaurante Limbo. Click here.

    Best Things to Do in Punta Cana

    1. Buggies and polaris adventure tour. Click here. This is a fun and adventurous half day activity where get to explore the countryside on ATVs. You also visit a typical Dominican house and observe the production of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, and organic tobacco.
    2. Dolphin discovery swims and encounters. Click here. One of my favorite activities is swimming with dolphins. This activity also gives you access to Isla del Pirata on weekends.
    3. Buggy ride, zipline splash, and waterfall pool combo. Click here. This 6 hours long tour is packed with tons of fun for adrenaline lovers. You go on a 2 hours off-road buggy tour, visit a cenote for swimming, and experience a canopy zip line.
    4. La Hacienda Park Pure InspirAction ticket. Click here.
    5. Parasailing with hotel pickup. Click here.
    6. Buggy ride, blue cenote lagoon, and jungle river. Click here.
    7. Hoy Azul Scape Park Cap Cana entry ticket. Click here.
    8. Coco Bongo Nightclub experience with transfer. Click here.
    9. Spa cruise with pilates, massage, and lunch. Click here.
    10. Santo Domingo day trip with lunch. Click here.
    11. Catamaran boat to Saona Island with lunch buffet. Click here.
    12. Monkey Land half day safari. Click here.

    Conclusion- Punta Cana 5 Day Itinerary

    Punta Cana is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean that can be visited any time of the year. Located in the Dominican Republic, it is easily accessible from the U.S and Canada. I hope my 5 day itinerary for Punta Cana helps you prepare for a trip to the island. Enjoy lots of sunshine, beach and good vibes!

    Punta Cana 5 day itinerary #travel #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #puntacanaitinerary #5daysinpuntacana #thingstodoinpuntacana #wheretoeatinpuntacan
    Punta Cana 5 day itinerary

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