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    Perfect Road Trip to a Weekend in Savannah

    Have an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Want to getaway for the weekend? Or are you looking for a new road trip destination? As much as I love living in Florida, I am always on the hunt for new weekend destinations. This time I found my getaway via a road trip. A short 4 hours drive from Orlando and I ended up in the mesmerizing city of Savannah. Keep on reading about my road trip to a weekend in Savannah, GA.

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    Well first of all, it is only a 4 hours drive from Orlando. That means you can leave on a Friday evening right after work and make it in time to have a late dinner or go out for drinks at Rocks on the Roof, a chic rooftop bar with live music at the Bohemian Hotel. Click here for directions.

    Next, Savannah is one of a kind city in the entire country! It is known for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages and antebellum architecture, definitely is the epitome of old southern charm in my opinion.


    You can either choose to stay as a local in a house/apartment found on Airbnb, TripAdvisor or Viator, a bed & breakfast or experience the Southern charm in one of the hotels which was my selection. Some hotels that I’d definitely want to stay at are:

    A few unique bed & breakfast options:

    Lastly, are a few of my favorite houses on Airbnb & TripAdvisor:

    • Modern Getaway in 1891 Victorian-style for 2 people- $89 per night- Click here.
    • Renovated Historic Downtown home for 4 people- $99 per night- Click here.
    • Forsyth Park Charmer for 8 people- $119 per night- Click here,
    • Drayton Tower apartment for 6 people- $100 per night- Click here.
    • Monterey Square first floor apt. for 6 people- $260 per night- Click here.
    • 1854 historic house for 4 people- $95 per night- Click here.

    Have you ever stayed at a bed & breakfast? What was your experience like?


    Okay so this is the first thing I look for when deciding on a destination. I want to know what each place has to offer and how can I experience it to the fullest. Typically, I am a day explorer, love to get out of the touristy regions because to me that’s where I get to see the authentic side of each place. Now this does not necessarily mean going into the bad or unsafe neighborhoods. My advice to everyone, be open to new experiences each place has to offer.

    For Savannah, I urge you to explore the charming downtown. There are several posh neighborhoods with a unique range of cafes, restaurants, parks and monuments giving you lots to see and do. Savannah’s Historic District features cobblestone streets, picturesque gardens, and sprawling parks shaded by gorgeous moss-covered oak trees.

    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah
    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah

    On my first day, I went to The Cathedral of John the Baptist which is open for visits Monday- Saturday. It is a towering double-spired 19th-century church with neo-gothic architecture, stunning stained glass and music recitals that are alone worth the stroll. Next up, head to the Jepson Center for Arts, a museum featuring modern paintings, photos & installations, plus an interactive gallery for kids.

    Now if you are brave enough or the adventurous type, I recommend taking a ghost tour, yup a GHOST tour at the Sorrel Weed House. Guess what, I am not the brave type, so it was a pass from me!

    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah

    Day 2 began with a stroll around Forsyth Park. There is something so relaxing about an early morning Sunday walk at the park with no crowds or traffic around. DO NOT leave Savannah without enjoying a traditional Southern breakfast especially on a Sunday morning, forget counting calories tho. A Sunday breakfast reminds me of quality family time, good food & fun conversations. Next, stop and checkout the Savannah State Farmers Market for some unique souvenirs, fresh bread and finger-licking BBQ. Another farmers market option is the Forsyth Farmers’ Market, however, it is open only on Saturdays.

    Lastly, one of the best ways to explore the city is by a riverboat cruise! Whether it is a brunch, dinner or sunset cruise, you are guaranteed to enjoy the views of Savannah. Click here for more details on the cruises.

    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah


    Savannah to me is a foodie’s paradise especially if you like Southern cooking. I was amazed at the unique selection of restaurants that Savannah had to offer. In my opinion, the food scene here in the Orlando area has been overtaken by franchises which is great if you are someone who looks for familiar brands or names from home. On the flip side, if you are looking for a unique and authentic gastronomical experience, Orlando isn’t the place. So naturally, the food in Savannah was a delight.

    Having said all that, here are some places you must check out during your trip to Savannah:



    • Soho South Cafe– One of the best cafe I have been to in the U.S!
    • Full– Burgers for lunch, open late till 3:00 AM



    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah


    Alright, so tell me what do you think? Are you ready for a road trip to a weekend in Savannah? Orlando/Central Florida peeps, I promise you are going to love Savannah! The drive is not too bad, there is so much to do and the food is amazing! It’s like you are in a completely different era. Share your thoughts below. I’d love to help you plan your next weekend getaway to Savannah!

    Road Trip to a weekend in Savannah. #savannah #georgia #thingstodoinsavannah #roadtripflorida #visitsavannah


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