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    Spirit Airlines Review- What You Need to Know

    Summer is here and these high flight and gas prices have made it almost impossible to travel anywhere on a budget. The deals on some of these budget airlines maybe very enticing, however, I want to ensure you have done your research beforehand so there are no surprises when it comes time to fly. Spirit Airlines is a popular budget airlines that flies throughout America, Caribbean, and Central America. So if you are thinking whether to book a flight with them or not, keep on reading my honest Spirit Airlines review.

    Image from Spirit Airlines


    The best thing about flying with Spirit airlines is their extremely low prices. If you do a Google flights search, generally, Spirit has the cheapest option. I have seen one way flights from $30. Keep in mind, these are usually for flights within the U.S.

    Now I like cheap flights and don’t mind going on low-budget airlines for shorter flights, I’d say 3 hours or less flying time. I have taken advantage of the insanely low prices Spirit Airlines offers on several occasions. For example, Orlando to Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Orlando to Atlanta, etc.

    I also recommend signing up for their email mailing list. This is the trick to get the best deals on flights, as long as you are flexible with your plans. If you read the fine print, most of the best rates are if you fly in on a Tuesday or Wednesday and return on Saturdays.
    Another travel tip: Spirit Airlines typically sends out their deals 6-8 weeks in advance. So sign up for those email notifications!
    You can also check out their latest deals on this page.

    Another option to save money on Spirit Airlines is by joining their Spirit Saver$ Club previously known as the $9 Fare Club. It costs $69.95 annually, however, I think the benefits are great especially if you travel frequently and with a group. The program offers flight discounts (you can see the price comparison when booking with and without the program), shortcut security (skip the long TSA lines at the airport), Flight Flex (you can change your flight once up to 24 hours in advance without an additional change fee), discount on seats (there is a charge if you want to select your seat), and the best part, your discounts can be applied to up to 8 additional guests booked on your reservation. The savings definitely rack up when flying with your family or large group!

    Image from Spirit.com


    So about the seats, firstly, the seats don’t recline and secondly, the space is extremely tight. For context, I am 5′ 2″, and always try to get aisle seats so I can stretch out my legs a little bit or try to walk around. Having said that, the tight seats is one of the main reasons why I fly only on short flights with Spirit, because seat comfort is key for me on longer flights.

    So you ask why not just upgrade to first class? Well, Spirit Airlines does not offer your typical first class. They have what is called Big Front Seats that are larger than the other seats and are more plush.

    Couple of things to keep in mind, you have to pay an additional charge for seat selection, or you can let their system pick one for you randomly at no additional charges. The Big Front Seats are an additional charge too. The prices for these vary on the flight, destination, etc. I did chose to upgrade my seat to the Big Front seats, while on board, for my trip from Orlando to Houston and it cost me only $10, however, it was not a full flight.

    In-flight Amenities

    As far as in-flight entertainment is concerned, Spirit does not have TVs or any other type of in-flight entertainment, so I do recommend carrying your favorite book to read or download your favorite shows or movies on your personal device to watch in-flight. Click here to check out my book recommendations. Some of the Spirit planes have started offering paid Wi-Fi onboard now. No other amenities such as pillows, blankets, headphones, etc. are offered either. Here are some of in-flight carry on essentials, click here.

    Other amenities such as bathrooms on flight are very tiny, clean most of the time and stocked up with the essentials.

    For food and drinks, they do offer items for purchase such as some light snacks like chips, crackers, etc. and drinks including alcoholic beverages. Click here for the menu. For reference, a bottle of Dasani water is $3.50. No free snacks or drinks are offered. Also keep in mind, payments are accepted only in the form of credit or debit cards in flight, cash is not accepted.


    Baggage fees and low budget airlines! This can get real tricky and pricey if you don’t know what you signed up for. Your Spirit Airlines includes your seat and a personal item. According to their website, a small backpack, laptop bag or purse is considered a personal item. It must be smaller than 18x14x8.

    Carry on bags are not included, you have to pay additional for them and same for checked bags. Carry-ons cost more than checked bags and the price can vary based on the destination. Click here to check out the baggage pricing. It is best to purchase your baggage with your flight as you get the best deal. The baggage fees are higher at the airport, during check in.

    Here is the trick, even though their website says a personal item such as small backpack, laptop bag or purse, you can find bags that are larger than these and meet the dimensions. Click this link to find the perfect bag to take on your trip and avoid paying any baggage fees. You can easily pack for a 3-5 days trip in this under seat carry-on.

    Customer Service

    Honestly, I personally have not had a single negative experience flying with Spirit Airlines and I have taken at least 15 trips with them. Now having said that, I do recognize that not everyone has had the same experience with them (read their online reviews), however, I do believe a lot of them are because the customers are uninformed of their charges. A lot of the complaints can be eliminated by staying informed and that is the goal of this blog post.

    Secondly. do not compare Spirit to the other airlines. Spirit is a lo budget airlines meaning you are flying with them to get from point A to B without paying an arm and leg. Yes, you do get “free” water and possibly a snack on other airlines, but considering the fact that those flights cost hundreds of dollars more does not make those amenities worth it to me.

    Lastly, I tend to take those early morning flights which most of us hate waking up for, however, this means the planes are most likely already at the airport and the chances of delayed flights are reduced significantly. As far as the customer service experience is concerned, this is based on individual cases, regardless of the airlines or business.

    Pro Tips- Spirit Airlines Review

    • Print your boarding passes at home or use the mobile app. There is a charge to print them at the airport kiosks.
    • Most airports allow you to carry food with you on your flight (when flying within the U.S), check the restrictions beforehand and carry your snacks with you to avoid paying for overpriced airport snacks.
    • Try to avoid booking connecting flights, if possible, direct flights can reduce a lot of issues such as lost/delayed baggage, missed flights, etc.
    • When booking your flight, Spirit offers insurance called Travel Guard insurance from $14 for domestic flights and from $16 for international flights. Click here to check out the benefits, might be worth the extra few bucks.
    • Sign up for their email newsletter, you will actually receive their deals as soon as they are launched.

    OverallSpirit Airlines Review

    I am an advocate for flying on low budget airlines. Yes, there are somethings that you have to know that can help have a stress-free experience, at least for the things you can control. The goal of this post is to keep my readers informed so they can make the best decision on their own. The low cost Spirit offers are definitely very enticing, however, that means some compromises have to be made to save money. I hope you find my post on Spirit airlines review helpful and decide to fly with them and save $$$.

    Let me know in the comments below if you have flown with them in the past.

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    1. Kelly
      February 4, 2023 / 1:24 pm

      I’m in Canada and I have never booked with a “discounted” airline as most flights from Canada get cancelled at the last minute. I’d rather pay more and know that I’m going to get to my destination. Having said that, I suppose if the flight was domestic and my trips was to visit family or friends, I would likely consider booking with them.

    2. December 4, 2022 / 3:33 am

      I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!

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